The Founder


Kamoga Hassan aka Miracle is a young Ugandan filmmaker/photographer born in 1986. Kamoga went to Uganda Film and Television Institute where he pursued a course in Filmmaking. Upon graduation he joined the National Television station “Uganda Television Station (UTV)” for intern-ship. He maintained a position there as video editor/assistant studio camera operator. This also followed other training opportunities. One of those opportunities was an invitation from a Kenyan production company that conducted training in documentary filmmaking, photo journalism and advanced camera work.

In 2012 he was one of the young Ugandan documentary filmmakers selected for a documentary filmmaking workshop that was conducted by Albert Elings a renowned Dutch filmmaker. This workshop was supported by the Royal Netherlands embassy in Kampala. Kamoga Hassan’s future prospect in the field of film-making is to produce documentary films, feature films and TV shows that portray Africa in a positive way.

“I like to think of myself as an inspiration to the youth in Africa and I want to use film as the main key for motivation” Feb 2012 Kamoga Hassan’s interview with a local TV channel in Luxor Egypt at a film festival.


The Makeup Artist

Christina Stockberger has been a licensed Cosmetologist in America since 1984 working with both Hair andChristina Makeup on all hair textures and Skin tone complexions.
Christina is a highly trained and skilled artist in full service when it comes to all your hair and makeup needs for film and entertainment, Including special effects, Temp Tattoo and body painting. As well, Christina can maintain all hair cuts during the duration of the filming process as she is a highly sought after master cutter for both men and women of all textures.
Christina is experience with both clippers and scissors in the highest of quality cuts should it be needed on set. She is a very down to earth person that loves working as a team and takes directions well. Always working to give the highest of quality performance in talents and personality. if you have any upcoming film project in Africa and you want to work with Christina as your make up artist, you can write to us.